Library Student Day in the Life~ Mar. 4- Mar. 8

I just signed up for the Library Student Day in the Life project by the Hack Library School!

For five days next week I’ll be tweeting about the courses I’m taking this semester and the assignments/projects I’m working on, my experiences working as a serials/cataloging library assistant, interesting tidbits on libraries, anthropology, technology, etc. that I come across. My goal is to record every detail of my life as a library student!

I think it will be interesting to have that information set down electronically. Later after when I’m a successful Anthropology/Social Sciences reference librarian, I can look back and reminisce on the craziness of my life now. Also I’m very much interested in learning what other library students are up to! Since my program is entirely online I’ve missed out on getting to know my peers and making friends in my field, so I’m curious to see what their lives are like.



Me: On Thursday’s Shelving Date

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