Delicious vs. Diigo

For a recent assignment in my Social Media course, we had to set up accounts on Delicious and Diigo and use it to book mark different sources for the final research project.



Now, I’ve had a Delicious account for a few years now and used it basically as a catch all for anything/everything interesting I found online. Basically it was a backup for the bookmarks on my browser, because I can’t tell you how many times my computer would crash or there would be some problem and I had to switch browsers and it’s SO annoying to lose all that tediously gathered information. For my research paper I was thinking of analyzing the different social media tools employed by the largest library systems in Miami-Dade county (although I’m seriously considering narrowing that down). So in Delicious I gathered the required three sites and tagged them LIS5937SMS13 but I also made a bundle named Research Paper to hold those items and included the tags Great Ideas and Social Media because there are links there that could be valuable. The sites I saved provide relevant information on social media in libraries, statistics for the library systems I’m interested in, and links to public opinion polls for libraries.



For my Diigo account I decided to start taking a closer look at the individual library systems and have saved the social media listing site for UM (added highlighting), the libraries listing page for UM (added a note), the main library listing page for NSU (added highlighting) and the main library page for Alvin Sherman Library at NSU (with a screenshot and editing). I tagged all the links with LIS5937SMS13 and also created a list for the links. To be honest, I had heard of Diigo before through various online sources (blogs, sharing areas, etc.) and I knew it was a bookmarking tool but I resisted trying it out because I was happy with Delicious and felt some absurd sense of loyalty to that site. But now that I’ve tried Diigo I have to admit: I LOVE IT!!! Oh my! It’s so amazing! I installed the chrome extension in my browser and I can highlight any part of any website and save it. I love that you can take screenshots and edit them which is really handy! I can add my thoughts to the link by using notes. I can save links to be read later. Like Delicious I can choose to follow people and discover new sites/ideas but in Diigo I can join/create a group and collaborate on research. I really am in love with Diigo!

So the question is: which one will I choose? My answer to that is:

Do I really have to? :/

I still love Delicious. I suppose that both sites have their strong and week points and even though I know I can import my bookmarks from Delicious to Diigo, I won’t be doing that. Diigo seems to me a great tool for research; with all the fancy added features and collaborating. But Delicious is still a great tool for simple bookmarking. There are a lot of sites I just want to keep tabs on, just to have them there as a reference when the occasion arises. And for that Delicious is perfect; especially because it provides short lists of the links and a less hectic interface than Diigo. Plus, I love that Delicious provides a space for images that are associated with the links.

So I will be keeping both accounts! After all, it is the 21st century and girl has the luxury to design her life. Delicious and Diigo will just have to share my attentions and if they don’t like it: TOUGH! Because now that I know the benefits that each of them can provide to my online experience, I’m not willing to give either one of them up!

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